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1967 Recast: Call for proposals [Closed]

1967 Recast: Call for proposals [Closed]

July 21, 2016

1967 Recast: Call for proposals
Thanks for your interest in this project. SUBMISSIONS ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED. Regional and national juries will be reviewing applications and advising all participants of the selection by the end of September.

1967 saw a massive investment in the commissioning of new concert music in Canada. Many offered reflections on that unique moment in Canada’s history—our centennial year. How do these works speak to the aspirations and dreams of Canadians today? How do our creative voices interpret these works in relation to our sesquicentennial year?

The CMC is developing a project for the Canada Council’s New Chapter (Canada 150) October 2016 submission date where composers are encouraged to discover one of these 1967 commissioned works in our extensive Archive/Library. This is an opportunity to reconnect with our musical heritage! We invite you to be inspired by, respond to, dialogue with, or reflect on one of these pieces to create an original work that speaks to our past, present, and future through you.

• CMC Associate Composers and any artist that meets the criteria for CMC Associate Composers.
• Projects can be based in sound art, electroacoustics, concert music, interdisciplinary collaboration, or other performances/exhibitions with sound as a focal point.

Project Details:
We’re seeking ten successful proposals to be included in a CMC application for funding through the Canada Council New Chapter grant. Funding is not guaranteed at this stage as the outcome of the application will be known in May 2017. The work must be completed, performed, with its residency, and recorded by March 31, 2019.

This composer-driven project is designed to provide:

• Commissioning/residency fee (up to $10,000 based on the Canadian League of Composers rates, can include copying costs and other relevant purchases).
• Artist fees for collaborators (up to $5,000, including workshopping, rehearsals, and performance).
• Travel support for composer-in-residence (up to $1,750).
• Funding for professional audio/video documentation of the work.

The CMC’s regional offices will provide administration and promotional support throughout the project and, where feasible, release the completed works through the Centrediscs recording label.

What was commissioned in 1967? Over 40 pieces were produced for the Centennial Commission. Some were celebratory expressions of national pride, and some served as deeper explorations of modernism and experimentalism in composition. Links to those in the CMC catalogue are included in the Appendix at the end of this document.

What am I doing with the 1967 piece? The Canada Council is looking for original creations, major adaptations, remounts, and re-interpretations of exceptional works. For this unique CMC project, you might create a complementary piece, find inspiration in the text used for the original work, or connect with the same extra-musical source as the composer did in 1967—there are many ways to interpret the task. You are not expected to remount the original work, and you do not have to mirror the instrumentation/medium for your piece. We are asking you to consider the context of the 1967 piece, and then reflect on our context today.

Submission details: Please submit your request online before August 31, 2016 using this link.

Process: In September 2016, a shortlist of applications from each CMC region will be forwarded to a national jury where ten projects from across the country will be selected. Those applicants, in collaboration with the CMC, will be asked to assemble relevant materials for the CCA grant application. The jury decision is final and cannot be appealed.

For information please contact:

Matthew Fava
Canadian Music Centre | Centre de musique canadienne
Director – Ontario Region
T: 416-961-6601 x207 | F: 416-961-7198
20 St. Joseph St. Toronto, ON M4Y 1J9


Appendix 1: Sample of some 1967 Commissions with links to the CMC catalogue. A more extensive list is available upon request.

Louis Applebaum, Concertante for Small Orchestra
Istvan Anhalt, Symphony of Modules
Milton Barnes, Pinocchio (A Symphonic Poem)
Lorne Betts, Kanadario (Music for a Festival Occasion)
Maurice Dela, Projection
Harry Freedman, A Little Symphony
Harry Freedman, Tangents (Symphonic Variations)
Srul Irving Glick, Symphony no. 2
Jacques Hétu, Double Concerto pour violon, piano et orchestre de chambre, op. 12
Janis Kalnins, A New Brunswick Rhapsody
Edward Laufer, Variations
François Morel , Neumes d'Espace et Reliefs
Michael Perrault, Centennial Homage
Morris Surdin, Concerto for Accordion and String Orchestra
John Weinzweig, Concerto for Harp and Chamber Orchestra

Norma Beecroft, Elegy and Two Went to Sleep
Morley Calvert, An Occasional Suite
Jean Coulthard, Ballade of the North
Gordon Delamont, Centum
Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté, Nonet
Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté, Trio for violin, cello, and piano
Jacques Hétu, Quintette pour instruments à vent, op. 13
Jacques Hétu, Variations, op. 11 (pour violon seul, ou alto ou violoncelle)
Kelsey Jones, Sonata da chiesa
Janis Kalnins, Trio for piano, violin, and cello
Jean Papineau-Couture, Dialogues pour violon et piano
Barbara Pentland, Trio Con Alea
R. Murray Schafer, Sonorities for brass sextet
Norman Symonds, Perspectives No. 2
Robert Turner, Diversities

Istvan Anhalt, Cento on Eldon Grier's "An Ecstasy" (Cantata Urbana)
John Beckwith, Place of Meeting
François Brassard, Poème d'amour et de joie
Alexander Brott, Centennial Celebration
Edgard Davignon, Suite Abitibienne
Oskar Morawetz, Two Contrasting Moods
Bernard Naylor, Missa da Camera
Jean Papineau-Couture, Viole d'amour

Harry Freedman, Anerca
Bruce Mather, Madrigal
Oskar Morawetz, Four Songs on Poems by Bliss Carmen
Bernard Naylor, The Nymph complaining for the death of her fawn

Barrie Cabena, Cabena's Homage