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DISCLAIMER: The Canadian Music Centre reserves the right to remove any content we deem inappropriate.


DISCLAIMER: The Canadian Music Centre reserves the right to remove any content we deem inappropriate.

amyespurr's picture
on July 18, 2012

Today, when I was on the CBC News website looking around (http://www.cbc.ca), one story in particular caught my attention.
It was the story about the Supreme Court's ruling towards copyright in regards to music. Some of the issues that this ruling...

Selby Evans's picture
on July 17, 2012

Having heard of Mr. Wijeratne's technical prowess, and musicality, I chose to go see his performance with "Skratch Bastid" on "rap night" at the TD Halifax Jazz Festival. While the two aforementioned artists, coupled with percussionist David Burton and vocalist Reeny Smith undoubtedly staged a dynamic and...

amyespurr's picture
on July 11, 2012

I've recently been volunteering at a small, free music day camp at a local church in St. John's. In preparation for my first day of teaching (as I had not taught little kids how to play the violin in a few years), I became fascinated by all of the instructional music books that are available (and a lot of them are...

CThornborrow's picture
on July 10, 2012

I had an “oh-man,-I-wish-I was-there-to-hear-that” moment when I was lolligagging around the Sound Symposium website. The "there" I wanted to be at was Signal Hill, and what I wanted to hear was Mack Furlong’s harbor symphony, Brute. The recording is...

amyespurr's picture
on July 4, 2012

Sound - "any auditory effect; any audible vibrational disturbance"
Symposium - "a meeting or conference for the discussion of some subject, especially a meeting at which several speakers talk on or discuss a topic before an audience"

CThornborrow's picture
on July 3, 2012

Over the weekend, I went to the first performance of the Bicycle Opera Project. I've been blogging about this super-cool project on my website for the last couple weeks. This was partly self serving, since they're performing a piece of mine. But it was also because I...

CThornborrow's picture
on June 28, 2012

Two Canadian Composers, Heather Schmidt and, Nicole Lizée have used video to help express their music.

Heather is first and foremost a composer and pianist. There are romantic qualities to her music, which lends itself well to film...

CThornborrow's picture
on June 27, 2012

This week I decided to go through some piano music to see if there are any pieces suitable to use in piano lessons. Naturally, I gravitated towards the New Music for Young Musicians series and have zeroed in on three pieces that I'd like to write about.

The first is Hope Lee's flower drum...

amyespurr's picture
on June 25, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 7:00 pm
Petro Canada Hall, MUN School of Music
Admission: General $10, Senior/Student $8.00
(includes Young Artists at Play)

The program of this concert consists of new works composed by two up-and-coming Canadian young composers.The two composers will explain their new...

amyespurr's picture
on June 25, 2012

Friday, August 10, 8:00 pm
Cook Hall, MUN School of Music
Admission: General $30.00, Senior/Student $20.00

As part of the Tuckamore Festival, this concert features Sybarite5 and festival faculty artists, Duo Concertante and Vernon Regehr.

The program consists of the beloved Schubert "Trout...