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DISCLAIMER: The Canadian Music Centre reserves the right to remove any content we deem inappropriate.


DISCLAIMER: The Canadian Music Centre reserves the right to remove any content we deem inappropriate.

on May 22, 2016

Celebrating Toronto – The Blythwood Winds explore creative new music from local composers with Hogtown Roundup: Toronto Graffiti

neilmusic's picture
by neilmusic
on May 21, 2016

Friday night, at the historic Monument-National theatre in Montreal, a new opera was premiered by composer/performer Kristin Nordeval and librettist Naomi Wallace, based on the true story of Patricia Isasa. Patricia was kidnapped at 16 in her native Argentina, tortured, raped, and held for two years without...

wilbeau's picture
by wilbeau
on May 9, 2016

I have been thinking this week about finger stability [which has been discussed here before] because of a need to improve my playing for a concert on Saturday night. When moving our fingers quickly, we think about getting from one note to the next. It is hard to think of anything else, speed is one of those things...

wilbeau's picture
by wilbeau
on April 28, 2016

“with nothing but a story, and time” – Linda Hogan

As you learn and work on a piece of music the narrative flow becomes the driving force for an interpretation. Sometimes it takes a very long time to find the best way to deliver a passage. Yesterday I was playing one of my own pieces, a fairly easy one, and...

Patrick K's picture
on April 25, 2016

Good day everyone

I'm back with a lot of good news!

To start I'd like to thank Richard Mascall for taking me under his wing. I find myself very privileged to be able to have the chance to learn from the best. Thank you Richard!

wilbeau's picture
by wilbeau
on April 23, 2016

Sometimes there is a bit of shame, in the last few weeks I have been practicing and recording improvisations. When you are trying ideas for the first time peculiar things happen. Today for example, playing along with my eyes closed I could have sworn my fingers were at the 2nd fret but they were really at the 5th....

ecclesliz's picture
on April 10, 2016

Peter Hatch’s Wiki Mozart: The Oboe Quartet Remixed
A Lecture Recital by Elizabeth Eccleston
Canadian Music Centre
20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto
Monday, April 18th, 2016 3pm
Free Admission

Sharon Lee, violin
Woosol Cho, viola

CMC Ontario Library Residency's picture
by CMC Ontario Library Residency
on March 30, 2016

To listen to archival recordings of Nameless Hour, use your free CMC account and access our centrestreams player at various points in the post!

By Nick Storring

wilbeau's picture
by wilbeau
on March 21, 2016

I have started falling in love with flats. A guitar player tends to find them hard to enjoy because in regular tuning they mean lots of barre chords and sore hands. In altered tunings things can change and one of the pieces on my latest CD is in G minor [2 flats]. I have just written another piece filled with flats...

ARTerra's picture
by ARTerra
on March 21, 2016

Deadline: 30th April 2016
Location: Portugual, Lobão da Beira

ARTErra is a multidisciplinary artistic residency placed in the green and friendly village of Lobão da Beira. We began our project with the aims of hosting artists by providing them with accommodations, work place and cultural and ideas...