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Titreicone de tri Auteur Type de Dossier Cote Date de Publication
14 British Columbia composers Monographie ML 205 .7 B7 F781 1978 1978
40 chansons d'autrefois (mélodie(s) et paroles) : répertoire Conrad Gauthier Monographie M 1678 Q36 1950
66 Canadian composers from Atlantic to Pacific 1945- Monographie ML 106 C3 B136 2000
A bibliography of electronic music
Lowell M. Cross
Monographie ML 128 E4 C7 1967
A catalogue of works commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 1936-1986
Patricia Kellogg
Monographie ML 120 C3 C377 1986 1986
A celebration of Canada's arts 1930-1970
Gordana Lazarevich
A Composer's World horizons and limitations Monographie 1953
A Concentrated Course in Traditional Harmony with emphasis on exercises and a minimum of rules Monographie 1943
A concert goer's companion to music Programme notes of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra 1918-1984 Monographie MT 125 R547 1996 1996
A fiddler's choice memoirs 1938 to 1980
Harry Adaskin
Monographie ML 418 A337 A32 1982
A guide to Canada's composers
Ronald Napier
Monographie ML 21 N21 1973
A guide to published canadian violin music suitable for student performers
Patricia Martin Shand
Monographie ML 128 V4 S5 1993
A guide to selected Canadian clarinet music suitable for student performers
Lori Kernohan
Monographie ML 128 C5 K39 1997
A guide to solo Canadian trombone literature available through the Canadian Music Centre
Karen A. Maxwell
Monographie ML 128 T76 M46 1985 1985
A guide to solo french horn music by Canadian composers
Eleanor Victoria Stubley
Monographie ML 128 H67 S32 1990 1990
A guide to unpublished Canadian brass chamber music suitable for student performers
Eleanor Victoria Stubley
Monographie ML 128 B7 S93 1989
A guide to unpublished Canadian jazz ensemble music suitable for student performers
Cameron Kenneth Walter
Monographie ML 128 J3 W23 1994
A history of music in Canada, 1534-1914
Helmut Kallmann
Monographie ML 205 .K34 1960
A noise in your eye! an international exhibition of sound sculpture Monographie NB 198.5 A2 1985
A reference list on Canadian folk music Monographie ML 128 F74 C3 1978 1978
A review of music in Canada: 1914-1915 Monographie
A selected bibliography of musical Canadiana
Ian L. Bradley
Monographie ML 120 C2B73 1976 1974
A selective guidelist of Canadian sacred choral music
Willis Noble
Monographie ML 128 S2N63 1991
A Short History of Opera one-volume edition Monographie 1947
A singer's overview of Canadian contemporary vocal literature 1945 - Spring, 1994 Monographie ML 128 V7 S55 1994
A teacher's guide to Canadian music 1951- Monographie MT 10 T253 1991
Accordion Resource Manual Monographie ML1083 .M3 1980
Alcides Lanza portrait of a composer
Pamela Jones
Monographie ML 410 L297 J78 2007 2007
Alexis Contant catalogue
Stephen C. Willis
Monographie ML 134 C75W55 1982
Alternative voices : essays on contemporary vocal and choral composition 1919-2012 Monographie ML 1406 .A57 1984