Inexhaustible timbre ingenuity of Kotoka Suzuki

July 15, 2014

I listened works of Kotoka Suzuki with the great pleasure. I was particularly impressed by the Minyo Quartet.

Traditional strings used so diverse that I was just amazed at the ingenuity of the author.

The music itself is refers to the audio-visual one of course. I really reminded best compositions by Finnish composer by Kaija Saariaho.
For example, "Du cristal", for symfonic orchestra (listen But unlike Kaija Saariaho Quartet by Kotoka Suzuki contains wonderful melody. This melody attains full strength at the end. It makes composition until the end of strong and clear for listener.

"Slipstream" is also interesting. The title is the main sense of the term - empty space next to a rapidly moving object.
At first I thought I will hear car racing, but I heard the main meaning of the word Slipstream. I was deceived by Kotoka. That I really liked.

I will listen and other works of Kotoka Suzuki. I advise to listen by her music.