Monica PearceL Chess Suite performed by the junctQuin keyboard collective

Description:Performed by junctQin keyboard collective
Video by AJ Gray, Audio by John S. Gray
"Chess Suite" (for two toy pianos) is a series of musical representations of chess pieces - the ostentatious knight, the timid pawn, the mysterious bishop, the elegant queen, the stately rook, and the steadfast king. I was inspired by the way the different pieces move in constructing the musical material. For instance, the pawn can only move a step at a time and the music reflects that. I have wanted to write this piece for a few years, but could never find the right instrumentation for the sound I wanted - that is, until I paired two toy pianos together in this chess match.
-Monica Pearce
Crédits :Monica Pearce, junctQin keyboard collective
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Created Date28 Oct 2013