Breathe (2015) by Roydon Tse - performed by the Cecilia String Quartet

Description:Breathe (2015) by Roydon Tse - performed by the Cecilia String Quartet.

The winning piece in the 2015 University of Toronto Quartet Composition Competition, "Breathe" (2015) came out of an exploration of the gesture of breathing, using the dynamic envelop of inhaling and exhaling as a point of departure and inspiration. The composition is a journey from motion to stillness, where inner turmoil and agitation dissipates into a calm sense of being.

Min-Jeong Koh, violin I
Sarah Menatallah, violin II
Caitlin Boyle, viola
Rachel Desoer, cello

Recording Engineer: Peter Olsen
Crédits :Roydon Tse, Cecilia String Quartet
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Created Date05 Jul 2016