Pour Guitare

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Pour Guitare - Vivier (978.35 kb)
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Dreaded Sea Voyage, Stephen Hawking says we must flee earth - Andrew Staniland (942.07 kb)
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SKU: SC-001
Cote: CD 1713
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2016
Étiquette du disque : McGill Records

Steve’s debut album of Canadian guitar music is now available. Pour guitare includes exciting new works for solo guitar, guitar duo, and guitar with electronics. Continue reading for details and links to where you can purchase the album.

Pour guitare is a unique collection of recording premieres, new commissions, and works by internationally recognized composers. Includes music by Claude Vivier, Daniel Mehdizadeh, Jacques Hétu, Andrew Staniland, Jason Noble, François Bergeron, Kati Agócs, and Steve Cowan.

Performers: Steve Cowan & François Bergeron

Audio Engineer: Denis Martin

Artwork and design: Patrick Canning

Track Listing:

1. Pour Guitare - Claude Vivier
2. Danse Burlesque - Daniel Mehdizadeh
3. Intermezzo Op. 80 - Jacques Hétu
4. Dreaded Sea Voyage - Andrew Staniland
5. Shadow Prism - Jason Noble
6. L'ineffable Secret des Images Rupestres - Francois Bergeron
7. Canzone - Kati Agocs
8. Changeling - Steve Cowan

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