Now Hear This New Music Festival- New Music Edmonton

Mercredi, Mars 15, 2017
Titre de l'événement: Now Hear This New Music Festival- New Music Edmonton

Bradyworks: Instruments of Happiness

Instruments of Happiness is an electric guitar ensemble, led by Montréal’s Tim Brady. With an intense focus on exploring the electric guitar as a concert medium, the group has commissioned and performed many new works by established and emerging composers and new versions of classical works, as well as having ventured into spectacular public events such as the amazing 100 guitars project. For their first performance in Edmonton, Instruments of Happiness are bringing along 5 (yes, 5!) newly composed works by some of Canada’s finest emerging composers – Emily Hall, Maxime McKinley, Gordon Fitzell, Jordan Nobles, Scott Godin – as well as a work by Tim Brady himself.

Late-night Live I – Studio 96 (10909 96 Street), 9:30 p.m.

A highlight of Now Hear This is always our two late-evening shows which offer performances by some of Edmonton’s most daring musical experimenters. With a wild mixture of electronics, improvisation, noise, video and a large measure of the unexpected, Late-night Live I and II offer a great opportunity to “get in tune” with the wilder side of our city’s musical underground.