Now Hear This New Music Festival- New Music Edmonton

Dimanche, Mars 19, 2017
Titre de l'événement: Now Hear This New Music Festival- New Music Edmonton
  • Région: Prairies
  • Venue / Location: Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Upper Hall 10037 84 Ave, Edmonton, AB
  • Temps: 8:00pm
  • Prix: --
  • Genre: Ensembles de chambre mixtes (1-9 interprètes)
  • Lien externe:
  • Compositeur : --
  • Composition: --
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The Bozzini Quartet and Gerry Morita

One of the great treats of our festival comes when we have a chance to witness the first coming-together of guest artists in the creation of once-in-a-lifetime improvised works. This afternoon’s extraordinary pairing of The Bozzini Quartet and Mile Zero Dance Director Gerry Morita is being created especially for the Festival. We don’t know exactly what they’ll do, but we know it will be amazing!

LUX: NM- Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Sanctuary (10037 84 Ave), 7:00 p.m.

Now Hear This comes to a nice, garlicky close with this astonishing performance by Berlin ensemble, Lux:NM. The show will focus on the work of Canadian composer Jef Chippewa, in particular his Fluxus-inspired, cabinet de curiosités for saxophone, accordion, violin, trombone and found objects. To quote the composer, “ultimately, cabinet de curiosités is an entirely inconclusive foray into reflections on the point at which a selection of objects becomes a “collection” and whether this collection is in fact more interesting, let alone important, than the (sum of the) parts contained therein. to the would-be musicologists: sit back and enjoy the show, and don’t worry, i don’t get it either.”

And yes, there will be garlic. And squeaky toys. And bicycle bells. And a jigsaw….