Classical Unbound Festival

Dimanche, Août 20, 2017
Titre de l'événement: Classical Unbound Festival
  • Région: Ontario
  • Venue / Location: Mt Tabor Theatre, 2179 County Road 17 C, Athol (Milford), Prince Edward County, Ontario.
  • Temps: 2:00pm
  • Prix: 39
  • Genre: Ensembles de chambre mixtes (1-9 interprètes)
  • Lien externe:

This 3rd concert of our 2017 festival season is set in Mt Tabor Theatre. This is a family friendly event tailored to families and audiences looking for a more interactive concert experience. This concert is about the infinite possibilities of sound and timbre when you combine an increasing number of different instruments. Beginning with a piece for solo instrument, we gradually build into larger ensembles of unusual combinations, ultimately including a harmonium!

As in our other Sunday matinée concert, the music is especially 'playful', and there is a substantial speaking part. The musicians will indulge in explaining the interconnection between the pieces, and between instruments, in a historic context. They will explore how and why one composer influenced another, and possibly venture into how future music may itself be influenced: 'classical' music is a living thing, a millennium after its inception.

"Suite Hebraique #5" by Canadian composer Srul Irving Glick will be performed, as well as works by Bach, Debussy, and Villa-Lobos