Quiet Concerts: Allison Cameron

Samedi, Septembre 23, 2017
Titre de l'événement: Quiet Concerts: Allison Cameron
  • Région: Ontario
  • Venue / Location: Scarborough Civic Centre Library 156 Borough Drive, Toronto, Ontario M1P 4N7
  • Temps: 3:00pm
  • Prix: free
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  • Compositeur : Allison Cameron
  • Composition: --
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October 23, 2017
3:00 pm

Music by Allison Cameron at the Scarborough Civic Centre Library.


Quiet Concerts is a series of experimental music performances happening at Toronto Public Library - Scarborough Civic Centre Library throughout the fall of 2017, organized by Artist-In-Residence Christopher Willes.

Occurring covertly within the library stacks, performers are asked to musically engage with the library's extremely quiet acoustic, offering subtle reflections on the building's sonic space. Audiences are invited to walk throughout the building and experience the music at a distance, perhaps loosing track of the sound entirely, or get up close and listen to a initmate live mix through headphones.

Allison Cameron is a celebrated Canadian composer, performer and improvising musician. She loves working with her colleagues; skating on ice; and, learning how plants think.

This concert will be followed by an Artists In The Library Information Session with Erika Hennebury from the Toronto Arts Council at 4pm. Following that (5pm) there is an opening Y+ contemporary we should all go check out: The Public - Land and Body (East).

Upcoming Program Dates:
September 30th at 3pm Xuan Ye and Jason Doell
October 7th at 3pm Anne Bourne
October 14th at 3pm Debashis Sinha

LGBTQI safe space
This event is wheelchair accessible.

Produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.