A Matter of Spirit: 100 Years After the Great War

Samedi, Novembre 10, 2018
Titre de l'événement: A Matter of Spirit: 100 Years After the Great War
  • Région: Ontario
  • Venue / Location: Parkdale United Church (429 Parkdale Avenue), Ottawa, Ontario
  • Temps: 7:30pm
  • Prix: 20.00 Adults; $15 seniors and students
  • Genre: Orchestre / Grands ensembles (10+)
  • Lien externe: www.eventbrite.ca
  • Compositeur : Christine Donkin
  • Composition: --
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November 11, 2018, marks the 100th anniversary of the conclusion of the First World War. Hypatia’s Voice Women's Choir and Parkdale United Church Orchestra have commissioned Canadian composer Christine Donkin to create a new work for choir and orchestra commemorating the centenary of Armistice. This brilliant and moving new work focuses on women’s perceptions of war, drawing on texts that reflect the wartime experiences of three Canadian women: French-Canadian Blanche Bessette, English-Canadian Nellie McClung, and Edith Monture, a Mohawk First World War Veteran who was the first Indigenous-Canadian woman to become a registered nurse.

This commission’s premiere on November 10th will form the keystone of a moving concert featuring repertoire that celebrates peace and freedom, with works for choir and orchestra.

Hypatia's Voice
Artistic Director - Laura Hawley
Pianist - Claire Stevens

Parkdale United Church Orchestra
Music Director - Angus Armstrong
Concertmaster - Adam Nelson

Tickets are $20 for adults/$15 for students/seniors. Tickets available online