Docu_presence: an installation-performance

Jeudi, Juin 13, 2019
Titre de l'événement: Docu_presence: an installation-performance

ArrayMusic and Solomiya Moroz Present:
Docu_Presence (June 13th, 2019 — ArrayMusic Space, Toronto)

Docu_Presence is an installation-performance which examines folklore broadly as an idea for cultural transmission, exploring the multifaceted layers of interaction in both traditional and urban contexts using sounds and images. This Toronto presentation will also appear at Suoni Per Il Popolo in Montreal June 17th!

A collaborative project between flutist/composer Solomiya Moroz (CA/UA), Ukrainian composer Ostap Manulyak, bandurist Julian Kytasty (CA/US), it also features performances by Ilana Waniuk (violin). The event works with juxtaposition: street music and concert music, folklore and contemporary interpretation, archival materials and immediate presence. In addition to installations by Manulyak and Oksana Kazmina it also includes concert works by Taylor Brook, Manulyak, and Moroz.

Audio installation by Ostap Manulyak (in the hall)
Two channel video installation by Oksana Kazmina (in the venue)

Concert performances:

Improvisation with bandura live electronics and flute
Julian Kytasty - bandura, Solomiya Moroz - flute and live electronics

Stagger by Taylor Brook
for solo violin, video and electronics
Ilana Waniuk - violin, Solomiya Moroz - electronics

Transgressions* by Ostap Manulyak
Ilana Waniuk - violin, Solomiya Moroz - flute, Ostap Manulyak - live electronics

artefacts of presence* by Solomiya Moroz
For violin, video and live electronics
Ilana Waniuk - violin, Solomiya Moroz - live electronics

Materials used feature archival video footage from Bohdan Medwidsky Folk Archive in Edmonton, Canada.
The concert is part of a Canadian tour funded by Canada Council for the Arts.

*Canadian premier