Five poems
for SATB : on text by George Bowering

Peter Berring
Peter Berring
Date de composition : 2002
Durée: 00:14:00
Genre: Choral (9 + Voices), A Capella


Instrumentation no. 1:
  • 1 x Chœur mixte
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Notes de programme :
These poems by George Bowering are nothing if not clever. Clever words, however, can sometimes hide deep emotions. Beneath a verbal dexterity that John Lennon might envy, we suspect the author of concealing real empathy for his fellow travellers, and perhaps even a personal store of joys and sorrows. In three of the poems one senses the sharp pain of heartbreak, the lonely isolation of mental illness, and the transcendent joy of pure being, but all in the oblique style of a writer determined to be entertaining no matter how serious the subject. The other two are, apparently, just for fun. (Peter Berring, April, 02, from score).

'Five poems' by Peter Berring is a fourteen-minute a cappella work for SATB choir. Based on selected texts by British Columbia's poet laureate, George Bowering, the work is a clever and generally light-hearted essay on some of the mind's darker obsessions.

Bowering's wordplay is effervescent and Berring matches with music that is both challenging and rewarding for the choir. Audiences respond to the jazzy energy of 'Five poems'.

Commissioned by The Vancouver Chamber Choir.

Renseignements sur la création :
2002 ; The Vancouver Chamber Choir.


  • Cote:
  • MV 6000 B626fip 2002
  • Genre:
  • Choral (9 + Voices), A Capella
  • Date d'acquisition :
  • August 1, 2003
  • Type:
  • Partition, inédite
  • Description physique :
  • 1 score (ii, 52 p.) ; 28 cm.
    54 pages
    Hauteur: 28 cm
    Largeur: 22 cm
  • Information sur la langue
  • Langue du livret: Anglais
  • Renseignements supplémentaires :
  • For SATB choir.

    Words in English by George Bowering.

    Photocopy; master of score in CMC Toronto.
    1. Last lyrics: she pulled my skin -- 2. Late goddess -- 3. There's something wrong -- 4. Thea's poem -- 5. e.k.

    Additional People:
    George Bowering
    Vancouver Chamber Choir
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Five Poems for Satb : on Text by George Bowering: Partition
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Five poems for SATB : on text by George Bowering de Peter Berring (Partition)
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Five poems for SATB : on text by George Bowering
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