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Titre Type de Dossier Date de composition Durée Cote
Adam our father was in bliss
O floss de jesse virgula
Partition, éditée 1996 00:01:30 MV 6000 H747ada
Advent responsory
Partition, éditée 1996 00:02:00 MV 2700 H747ad
Airs and echoes upon a ground
Partition, inédite 1998 Inconnu MI 2130 H747air
Angularis fundamentum
Partition, inédite 1982 Inconnu MV 6101 H747an
Antiphons of the Venerable Bede
Partition, inédite 1979 00:15:00 MV 1101 H747an
Ash Roses
A cycle of six songs for Soprano and Piano
Partition, inédite 1994 00:25:00 MV 1101 H747as
The ballad of red fox
Partition, éditée 1996 Inconnu MV 6101 H747Ba
The beatitudes
Partition, éditée 1974 Inconnu MV 6101 H747Be
The Bluebird
Partition, éditée 1982 Inconnu MV 6101 H747Bl
A brighter dawn is breaking
Partition, inédite 1980 Inconnu MV 6101 H747Br
Bruce's clavier-book
fourteen keyboard pieces in various styles
Partition, inédite 2002 Inconnu MI 2110 H747br
Carol of the shepherds
Partition, éditée 2002 Inconnu MV 6101 H747ca
The Centred Passion
Song cycle for baritone and piano; Six poems from Tennyson's 'In Memoriam A.H.H.'
Partition, inédite 1986 00:17:10 MV 1101 H747cen
Christ keep us all
Partition, éditée 1971 Inconnu MV 2700 H747ch
Christmas triptych
Partition, éditée 1992 Inconnu MV 6101 H747ch
Five Canadian songs
Partition, inédite 1991 Inconnu MV 4201 H747co
Daybreak and a candle end
song cycle for baritone and piano; words by W.B. Yeats
Partition, inédite 2007 Inconnu MV 1101 H747dab
Daybreak and a Candle-End
for baritone and string quintet
Partition, inédite 2008 Inconnu MV 1203 H747da
The death of Orpheus
(tenor and piano) Texts from Ovid and Shakespeare
Partition, inédite 2005 Inconnu MV 1101 H747de
Deck the halls
Partition, éditée 1982 Inconnu MV 6101 H747dec
Doctor Canon's cure
an opera for young people
Partition, inédite 1982 Inconnu MV 7700 H747do
The False bride
Partition, éditée 1982 Inconnu MV 6000 H747fal
Father point in August
from Weatherscapes
Partition, éditée 1973 Inconnu MV 6101 H747fa
Five Christmas Carols
arranged for choir and orchestra
Partition, inédite 1980 00:15:00 MV 6400 H747fi
Five motets
Partition, inédite 2002 Inconnu MV 6000 H747fm
Food for thought
Partition, inédite 1989 00:09:00 MV 6000 H747fd
Four Elizabethan love-songs
Partition, inédite 1990 Inconnu MV 1101 H747fo
Four folk-songs from Canada
for counter-tenor, flute, viola & violoncello
Partition, inédite 1977 00:13:00 MV 1213 H747fo
Four Herrick songs
Partition, inédite 1976 Inconnu MV 6000 H747fh
The Four Seasons
song cycle for tenor and piano
Partition, inédite 2009 00:18:45 MV 1101 H747fse