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Vitrine des compositeurs


Titre Type de Dossier Date de composition Durée Cote
After truth
Partition, inédite 1994 00:08:00 MI 8250 S531aft
Anthem : Passing of the claimant
Partition, inédite 1994 Inconnu MV 6000 S531an
Apollo's touch
Partition, éditée 1992 Inconnu MI 7110 S531ap
Archaic smile
Partition, inédite 1997 00:12:00 MI 1100 S531arc
Arsis and Thesis
for flute and piano
Partition, inédite 2006 00:12:00 MI 5211 S531ar
At dusk
for solo bassoon, timpani, harp and string orchestra
Partition, inédite 2003 Inconnu MI 1750 S531at
The black domino
for three electric guitars
Partition, inédite 1988 Inconnu MI 4113 S531bL
The black domino
Partition, inédite 1982 Inconnu MI 2410 S531Bl
Boa constrictor
for unaccompanied tuba
Partition, inédite 2000 Inconnu MI 6114 S531Bo
Byrd Dances
based on music by William Byrd (ca. 1540-1623)
Partition, inédite 2009 00:08:00 MI 1100 S531by
Cabaret songs
for voice and piano
Partition, inédite 1999 Inconnu MV 1101 S531cabs
Cabaret songs : in every dying prairie town
voice and piano
Partition, inédite 2001 Inconnu MV 1101 S531ine 2001
Cabaret Songs: Obsessions
for low voice and piano
Partition, inédite 2011 00:01:30 MV 1101 S531obs
Cabaret songs: Tobacco road
Partition, inédite 1999 Inconnu MV 1101 S531to
Cabaret songs: Be prepared!
Partition, inédite 2000 Inconnu MV 1101 S531be
Cabaret songs: liebesleid (love pain)
Partition, inédite 2001 Inconnu MV 1101 S531Li
Cabaret songs: crossing over
Partition, inédite 2001 Inconnu MV 1101 S531cr
Cabaret songs: Au revoir, Maria Callas
for low voice and piano
Partition, inédite 2008 00:04:00 MV 1101 S531au
Cabaret songs: wooden shoes
for medium voice and piano
Partition, inédite 2008 00:02:00 MV 1101 S531ca
Canonic toccata
in celebration of Michael Finnissy's 50th birthday
Partition, inédite 1996 Inconnu MI 2110 S531cat 1996
Canons and ritornellos
for choir and chamber orchestra
Partition, inédite 1985 Inconnu MV 6345 S531ca
for large orchestra
Partition, inédite 1982 00:11:00 MI 1100 S531ch
Companion Piece
[solo harp]
Partition, éditée 1963 00:02:00 MI 4121 S531co
Concerto for flute and orchestra
chamber version
Partition, inédite 1976 Inconnu MI 1321 S531co
Cordes vides
for harp
Partition, éditée 1990 Inconnu MI 4121 S531cor
Cordes vides (on open strings)
for string quartet
Partition, inédite 1989 Inconnu MI 3134 S531cos 1990
for harp
Partition, éditée 2004 Inconnu MI 4121 S531dan
Dark glasses
for baroque flute, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello and double bass
Partition, inédite 1988 00:10:00 MI 8855 S531da
In celebration of Murray Adaskin's ninetieth birthday [for female voice and flute]
Partition, inédite 1996 Inconnu MV 1110 S531de
Dry Leaves
Partition, inédite 2005 Inconnu MI 1200 S531dry 2005