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Vitrine des compositeurs


Titre Type de Dossiericone de tri Date de composition Durée Cote
August suite
Partition, éditée 1979 Inconnu MI 4111 P416au
Repertoire and studies album 6
Partition, éditée 1990 Inconnu MI 4111 R888r6
Repertoire and studies album 8
Partition, éditée 1990 Inconnu MI 4111 R888r8
The redwood quintet
for brass quintet
Partition, inédite 2006 Inconnu MI 6151 P416re
Concerto for double wind ensemble and percussion
Partition, inédite 1978 00:26:00 MI 1800 P416co
Club life
2 saxes, piano, optional computer audio system
Partition, inédite 2002 Inconnu MI 5225 P416clu
Three miniatures
for harp, flute and clarinet
Partition, inédite 1972 00:07:00 MI 8312 P416th
English horn and tape
Partition, inédite 2006 00:07:00 MI 9110 P416fa
Symphony for youth orchestra
Partition, inédite 1980 Inconnu MI 1100 P416sy
for singer-actress, audio and images
Partition, inédite 1997 Inconnu MV 1800 P416me
GR, rr
Partition, inédite 1979 00:25:50 MI 9215 P416gr
Praescio I
Partition, inédite 1987 Inconnu MI 9100 P416pr1
Frontenac axis
flute oboe clarinet(Bb)/bass clarinet
Partition, inédite 2000 00:12:00 MI 5136 P416fr
Speeches for Dr. Frankenstein
Partition, inédite 1981 00:14:00 MV 1800 P416sp
Panmure vistas
Violin (or violin ensemble), computer audio processing
Partition, inédite 1999 Inconnu MI 9203 P416pa
Praescio - IV
Partition, inédite 1990 Inconnu MI 9110 P416pr4
Ground with reflections
Partition, inédite 2003 00:12:00 MI 2410 P416gr
Everywhere, morning
Partition, inédite 1985 Inconnu MV 1212 P416ev
Praescio II: amnesia
for soprano, flute, violin, cello, synthesizer and computer controlled accompaniment
Partition, inédite 1989 Inconnu MV 1915 P416pr2
Praescio - VII
Partition, inédite Inconnu MI 9101 P416pr7
August suite
for guitar [rev. 2006]
Partition, inédite 1976 Inconnu MI 4110 P416au
The St. Lawrence overture
Partition, inédite 1985 00:05:10 MI 1800 P416st
Praescio III: the desert speaks
MIDI harpsichord, electroacoustics, interactive computer system
Partition, inédite 1989 00:12:00 MI 9000 P416pr3
Three Pieces for saxophone & piano
Partition, inédite 1982 Inconnu MI 5215 P416th
(chamber version, 2003) soprano, flute, harp, cello, string quartet
Partition, inédite 1989 Inconnu MV 1216 P416am
Northern dancer
Partition, inédite 1984 Inconnu MI 9257 P416no
Praescio VI: (wir leben durch die Lieb' allein)
Flute & interactive system
Partition, inédite 1992 Inconnu MI 9110 P416pr6
Concert piece for clarinet and marimba
Partition, inédite 2003 00:09:00 MI 8250 P416co
the transfixing promise of melting April ice
Yamaha DX7IIFD + E! and Yamaha TX802
Partition, inédite 1990 Inconnu MI 2510 P416tr
In your medium
songs for soprano and orchestra : based on the poem Media
Partition, inédite 1986 00:17:00 MV 1400 P416in