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Vitrine des compositeurs


Titre Type de Dossier Date de composition Durée Cote
3 plainsong settings
Partition, éditée 1983 00:11:00 MI 2410 K66th
4 carol settings
Partition, inédite 1987 00:06:00 MI 2410 K66fou
All creatures of our God and King
festive anthem
Partition, inédite 1989 Inconnu MV 6371 K66aL
Canticle of the sun
Partition, inédite Inconnu MV 6221 K66can
Canticle of the Sun
Partition, inédite 2002 Inconnu MV 6221 K66can
Celtic impressions
for organ solo
Partition, inédite 2003 Inconnu MI 2410 K66cel 2005
Chorale Prelude for Organ on Genevan Psalm 66
Partition, inédite 1970 00:02:10 MI 2410 K66cho 1970
Concerto for alto-saxophone and chamber orchestra
(concerto in quattro umori)
Partition, inédite 2005 Inconnu MI 1325 K66co
Concerto for Alto-Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra (Concerto in Quattro Umori)
Partition, inédite 2009 Inconnu MI 1325 K66co 2009
Concerto for organ, strings and timpani
Partition, inédite 1986 00:24:00 MI 1664 K66co
Dance suite for organ duet
Partition, inédite 1997 00:13:00 MI 2430 K66dan
Dialectic fantasy
Dialektiese Fantasie
Partition, inédite 1992 00:09:50 MI 2410 K66dia
Eighteen festive and alternate hymn accompaniments
(for organ)
Partition, inédite 2006 Inconnu MI 2410 K66ei
Elegy on The king of love my shepherd is
Dominus regit
Partition, inédite 1995 00:03:00 MI 2410 K66ele
Fear not, for I have redeemed you
anthem for SATB and organ
Partition, inédite 2009 Inconnu MV 6101 K66fe
For all the wonders of creation
hymn concertato based on the German hymn "O dass ich tausend Zungen haette"
Partition, inédite 2012 00:09:57 MV 6200 K66fo
From the musical memoirs of a Canadian organist
Partition, inédite 1993 Inconnu MI 2430 K66mm
Give thanks to God, the Father
Partition, éditée 1989 Inconnu MV 6221 K66gi
Gloria Deo mass
Partition, inédite 1988 00:25:00 MV 6241 K66gl
Good King Wenceslas
Tempus adest florium
Partition, inédite 1989 00:06:00 MI 2410 K66goo
Spirit divine : Organ chorale prelude
Partition, inédite 1988 00:02:00 MI 2410 K66gra
Hark the Herald Angels Sing: Scherzando and Tranquillo
for organ
Partition, inédite 1986 00:01:10 MI 2410 K66har 1986
Partition, éditée 1991 Inconnu MV 6101 K66ho
How lovely are your dwellings
Partition, éditée 1998 00:06:00 MV 6211 K66how
Hymn Concertato "Christ the Lord ascends to reign"
for organ
Partition, inédite 2018 00:04:52 MI 2410 K66hym 2018
In dulci jubilo
Partition, inédite 1991 00:07:00 MI 2410 K66ind
Introduction and toccata on "All creatures of our God and king
Partition, éditée 1987 00:04:00 MI 2410 K66in
Introduction and toccata on All creatures of our God and King (Lasst uns erfreuen)
Partition, éditée 1987 Inconnu MI 2410 K66i
Jack and the bean stalk
Traditional English fairy tale retold for narrator and organ rev. 2011
Partition, inédite 1997 00:48:00 MV 1101 K66ja2011
Joy to the World
for organ
Partition, inédite 1986 00:00:50 MI 2410 K66joy 1986