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Vitrine des compositeurs


Titre Type de Dossier Date de composition Durée Cote
And hast thou glossed the Jabberwock?
a Wagnero-Pythonian romp through the looking glass
Partition, inédite 2011 00:14:00 MV 1245 R147an
for viola and piano
Partition, inédite 1993 00:04:33 MI 3212 R147el
for viola and piano
Partition, inédite 1993 00:02:33 MI 3212 R147gi
Second sonata
for pianoforte
Partition, éditée 2008 Inconnu MI 2110 R147se
Shakespeare's aviary
songs about birds fro Shakespeare's plays for soprano, clarinet, viola and piano
Partition, inédite 2002 00:10:00 MV 1215 R147sh
for solo violin
Partition, inédite 2002 00:18:00 MI 3111 R147so
Suite for eight violoncellos
Partition, inédite 2003 00:18:10 MI 3148 R147su
Three English love songs
sonata for mezzo-soprano and piano
Partition, inédite 2011 00:25:00 MV 1101 R147th