Voyage D'hiver, Le

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Cote: CD 653
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 1999
Étiquette du disque : empreintes DIGITALes

A Stage in the Journey

The four pieces in this compact disc mark an important period (from 1994-1997) in the dozen years that I have been involved in sound production. They were realized in the middle of the peroiod of aesthetic and technical transition that confirmed my compositional style, which is one that draws from a range of influences and approaches to sound work. These include the transition from analogue to digital techniques, the confirmation of a compositional style that draws on the sources of acousmatics, from the techniques used in radio and from the sound environment, and the choice of a fixed sound medium, be it magnetic tape or the digital file in its many forms, including the compact disc....

Regarding matters of style, my affinities run to the minimalist and the impressionistic. The ultimate goal of such a preference is to allow the fusion of the various sound elements selected to take place. These components will finally retain their character even as they give birth to something quite different and autonomous.

Daniel Leduc. Saint Hubert, May 1999.

1. Réponse impressionniste donnée par Josef K. lors d'une fin de soirée hivernale a une touriste francaise qui passait en face de la gare

2-26. Die Winterreise

27. Traverser les grandes eaux

28-31. Troposphère

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