This Isn’t Silence

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For the Time Being (935.10 kb)
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This Isn't Silence (935.10 kb)
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Cote: CD 1109
Organisation : CBC Radio Orchestra
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2012
Étiquette du disque : Centrediscs / Centredisques

Voici, sous étiquette Centredisques, les débuts passionnants sur disque du compositeur canadien Brian Current. Comportant une sélection d'oeuvres pour orchestre écrites entre 2000 et 2006, et pour reprendre les commentaires d'Evan Ware dans sa note de présentation, "ce disque déborde d'une musique qui sait où elle va, qui a beaucoup à dire, une musique que l'on doit écouter... une musique qui nous reste dans l'oreille longtemps après que le son s'est évanoui."

"Best known for his use of 'slanted time' - a state of continuously changing tempo - the technique permeates every work on the disc...Brian Current's craft is mature; he is able to achieve a synaesthesia with his palette of colours. Reminiscent of a young Ligeti, there is unrelenting activity in Current's orchestrations; combined with his notion of 'slanted time', the listener is provided with a continuously exhilarating journey."

- Wallace Halladay, Wholenote

"The varied creativity of young Toronto whippersnapper is on vivid dislay in five substantial orchestral works...There is never a dull sound, and many sublime moments."

- Toronto Star

"Brian Current writes cutting-edge music that combines traditional and avant-garde playing techniques, all manner of tonality, and terrific imagination."

- Barry Kilpatrick, American Record Guide

"Tremendously stimulating music..a composer with an ear for texture that can delight as well as overwhelm."
-Colin Clarke, Fanfare

"Mr. Current has a tremendous grasp on writing for a modern orchestra, incorporating voices and styles to create a gripping set of works."

- Daniel Gilliam, Classical 90.5 2007 Favorites

"Current's music has the quality of good improvized jazz, an ongoing sense of variety in the presentation of the familiar: novel timbres, orchestration, and above all, novel tempos - the 'slanted time' that has been his signature."

- Stanley Fefferman, Showtime Magazine

1. This Isn’t Silence *

2. For the Time Being

3. Concertino for Flutes and String Orchestra

4. Kazabazua

5. Symphonies in Slanted Time

* This work was nominated for a 2008 JUNO: Classical Composition of the Year.

Cette oeuvre a été nominée pour un JUNO 2008: Meilleur composition classique.


Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra; Audrey Boreyko (conductor/chef d'orchestre)
CBC Radio Orchestra; Bramwell Tovey (conductor/chef d'orchestre)
Robert Aitken (flute/flûte); New Music Concerts
Brian Current (conductor/chef d'orchestre)
Esprit Orchestra; Alex Pauk (conductor/chef d'orchestre)

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