Clip of interview with John Rea from SMCQ Composing?!




Description:This is an excerpt from an interview with John Rea, part of the SMCQ video interview compilation Composing?!, 12 Portraits, Volume 1.
Crédits :John Rea, directed by Irène Messier and Anne Marie Messier
Objet:John Rea
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TranscriptionWhy do I compose? It's a good question. One can imagine that a composition or compositions are like pieces of paper or pages out of a diary. My compositions contain my memories or my experiences. I listen to all sorts of music, I'm quite proud of that. It started when a friend of mine, a friend who gave me a record a vinyl LP. It was something he had just discovered himself, he told me that I must listen to it and that it was incredible. It turns out it was Stravinsky's Rite of spring and it was troubling, it was very troubling to listen to it. Then I had another friend who was a jazz man and he introduced me to jazz and obviously on the radio, of course there was rock and roll. Can I try to answer the question, what use is my music? That's really, really a tough question. I'd say that my music has two goals. The first which may seem a bit surprising is that my music helps improve myself as a person and it helps my musical thinking. I remember having written a work, some 20 years ago, for which throughout the entire process of composition I was in a state of euphoria. The piece is called Treppenmusik, that's a German word and it was a very intense period of perhaps five months. So imaging to be happy for five months, that's quite special.
Created Date2006