Choral Odyssey

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Cuando El Rey Nimrod (938.77 kb)
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Olivido (938.77 kb)
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SKU: CD-SR-003
Cote: CD 1535
Organisation : Winnipeg Singers
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2011
Étiquette du disque : Sid Robinovitch

"Choral music has always been at the core of my work as a composer. This was the first music that I wrote, and it is to this form of expression that I always return. I have written many different kinds of choral music over the years - original pieces on secular themes, settings of religious texts, children's songs, and arrangements of folk material. This CD takes us on journeys through different times and places, from the ancient Near East through the lands of the Mediterranean to Latin America and the Canadian Arctic. But whatever the style of the music and whatever its geographical or historical point of reference, it is the sound of human voices singing in combination with each other which never fails to excite and inspire."

Works / Tracks

Canciones Por Las Américas
1 Noche de Lluvia | Rainy Night (4:56)
2 Sensemayá | Chant for killing a snake (3:59)
3 Olvido | Oblivion

4 Ta Tikee Tei (3:34)

5 Prayer At Night (8:29)

Three Landino Folk Songs
6 Morena | The Brunette (2:13)
7 Ir Me Quero La Mi Madre | I Must Go Wandering, O my mother (3:36)
8 Cuando El Rey Nimrod | When King Nimrod Rode Out (1:58)

Two Inuit Songs
9 I Call Forth the Song (4:26)
10 Souls, Were Have You Gone? (3:05)

11 Canzoni Romane | Roman Songs (17:41)

Psalms of Experience
12 Hymp of Confidence (4:11)
13 Hymn of Longing (6:19)
14 Hymn of Glory (5:30)

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