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Pianists come back home

Pianists come back home

novembre 5, 2012

"Eve Egoyan and Walter Prossnitz, two Victoria-born pianists with international careers, perform this weekend in concert for hometown audiences. In the process they're renewing relationships with the University of Victoria and the Victoria Conservatory of Music.

Egoyan, who lives in Toronto, has long been admired as an interpreter of contemporary music; her last concert here, in January, was devoted to Simple Lines of Enquiry, which the late Canadian composer Ann Southam wrote for her in 2007 and which she has recorded. On Saturday evening she will perform Surface Tension, a collaborative work by her husband, installation artist David Rokeby, along with pieces by Erik Satie, Per Nørgård, and Alvin Curran - all composers whose music she has also recorded..."


Compositeurs apparentés : Ann Southam