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LA Phil/Dudamel – review

LA Phil/Dudamel – review

mars 18, 2013

"This year's Los Angeles Philharmonic residency at the Barbican will doubtless be best remembered for its focus on new music and a series of important premieres by John Adams, Unsuk Chin and Joseph Pereira.

The final concert marked a return to established classics, with Debussy's La Mer and Stravinsky's Firebird both featured. Even here, though, Gustavo Dudamel's commitment to new music was evident in his decision to open the evening with Zipangu by Claude Vivier, the Canadian-born composer who was murdered, aged 35, by a male prostitute in Paris in 1983.

Zipangu was the name given to Japan by Marco Polo, and Vivier, much travelled in Asia, deploys a string ensemble of 13 players to evoke an austere, ritualised world by means of shifting colours and drones..."


Compositeurs apparentés : Claude Vivier

Compositions Apparentées : Zipangu