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May 30 2013 Centrepulse: New Events Added!

May 30 2013 Centrepulse: New Events Added!

mai 31, 2013

May 30 2013 Centrepulse:

This newsletter includes:

Call For Poster Designs
VISI / Art Song Lab 2013
Vancouver / South Coast Area Concerts
Vancouver Island / Gulf Islands Area Concerts
Central / Northern BC Area Concerts
Out of Province / International Concerts
CNMN Call For Proposals
Composer Opportunities: Canada
Composer Opportunities: International

Dear friends,

We are always accepting submissions for future editions of Centrepulse. Please send all details, as well as a brief description, to bcregion@musiccentre.ca.

We also welcome reader-submitted articles and other news items on the subject of Canadian music and composers.