Glistening Pianos

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Cote: CD 1630
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2014
Étiquette du disque : Centrediscs / Centredisques

Glistening Pianos is a special disc devoted to music written especially for two pianos, featuring Duo Piano 2X10: Midori Koga and Lydia Wong, with guest artists Susan Hoeppner (flute) and Adam Campbell (percussion).

The selected works in this CD, dated from 1992 to 2011, offer a colorful selection of piano music of contrasting styles and distinctive conceptual edifice; chosen repertoire also displays some unusual technical approaches and exceptional challenges in the writing for two pianos. Glistening Pianos includes two works of unique instrumental combination: two pianos with flute (Chain of Being), and two pianos with percussion, voice, and electronics (War!). The entire selection of works is carefully organized in a specific collation to convey a poetic thematic design. Glistening Pianos is based on quotations from G. Byron's poem "She Walks in Beauty," Heart to Heart has a structural and emotional reference to E. Dickenson's poem "Have you got a little brook in your heart," War! fuses original composed rap text with virtuosic instrumental playing to detest war and Chain of Being reflects some aspects of spiritual view of beauty in Western philosophy. An Eastern Apparition, on the opposite sphere, presents a dramatic narrative of opposing forces “Yin” and “Yang” in Chinese philosophy. Both Glistening Pianos and Heart to Heart are commissioned and written especially for Duo Piano 2X10. The entire program of the disc showcases the astonishing musicality and virtuosity of the piano duo and guest instrumentalists.


1. Glistening Pianos (15:43)

2. Chain of Bring (11:16)

3. An Eastern Apparition (11:22)

4. War! (7:24)

5. Heart to Heart (11:20)

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