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Assemaneh (From the Heavens) (927.89 kb)
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Raghs-e Bahari (Spring Waltz) (931.56 kb)
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Cote: CD 1631
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2014
Étiquette du disque : Independent

The album Assemaneh contains compositions that were written a few years after Dariush Zarbafian left his home country of Iran.These pieces were inspired both by the traditional Iranian musical repertoire known as ‘Radif’ and by the sense of hope and nostalgia that he experienced most profoundly during his stay in France. Dariush always tries to create a new and more accessible language through the medium of traditional music, creating in the process a rejuvenated musical voice which preserves an authentic cultural character while emancipating itself from traditional obligations.

The rhythms and melodies of the traditional Iranian music therefore continue to inspire him and to nourish his spirit. In order to be transformed into a new language, they had to cross that crucial step in the transition between tradition and evolution, which leads to creation. These compositions are cries of hope that entice him to whisper in the ear of the future.

Almost all of the pieces presented in the album Assemaneh except Prelude of Hope (in Mahur mode) and Pariya percussion quartet, are composed in the Homayun mode.


1. Pichdaramad Ommid (Prelude of Hope)

2. Bidari-e Parvaneh (The Awakening of the Butterfly)

3. Assemaneh (From the Heavens)

4. Pichdaramad Hazin (Melancholy Prelude)

5. Chademaneh (Gaiety)

6. Pariya (Siren)

7. Raghs-e Bahari (Spring Waltz)

8. Saba (Dawn)

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