Memories for Harp and Marimba by Roydon Tse (2014)

Description:Sanya Eng (Harp) and Ryan Scott (Marimba) perform my work Memories, written for the Canadian Contemporary Music Workshop 2014 and premiered by the duo at the University of Toronto, Walter Hall, 26th of Sept 2014.

The piece is my first for this instrumental combination, and there are different layers to the piece. On the surface, this duet is an exploration of minimalism and convergence. Throughout the work, I created a musical arc using the simplest material, a repeating sextuplet figure beginning in the harp. As the piece evolves organically, lines fade into each other creating a panning effect on stage. On the second level, “Memories” is a conceptual representation of my stream of consciousness and how memories can often surface in my mind and disappear as if it had never been there. To portray this phenomenon, I introduce a melodic fragment halfway through the piece that weaves in an out of a one note ostinato. The fragment is developed within this framework, and is always accompanied by the ostinato creating a line through the piece.
Crédits :Roydon Tse, Sanya Eng, Ryan Scott
Related People:Roydon TseRoydon Tse
Created Date05 Jul 2016

Breathe (2015) by Roydon Tse - performed by the Cecilia String Quartet

Description:Breathe (2015) by Roydon Tse - performed by the Cecilia String Quartet.

The winning piece in the 2015 University of Toronto Quartet Composition Competition, "Breathe" (2015) came out of an exploration of the gesture of breathing, using the dynamic envelop of inhaling and exhaling as a point of departure and inspiration. The composition is a journey from motion to stillness, where inner turmoil and agitation dissipates into a calm sense of being.

Min-Jeong Koh, violin I
Sarah Menatallah, violin II
Caitlin Boyle, viola
Rachel Desoer, cello

Recording Engineer: Peter Olsen
Crédits :Roydon Tse, Cecilia String Quartet
Related People:Roydon TseRoydon Tse
Created Date05 Jul 2016

Participants à l’édition 2016 de l’atelier de composition Class Axe pour la guitare

juin 29, 2016

POUR DIFFUSION IMMÉDIATE : mercredi 29 juin 2016

Concours de compositions pour carillon à l’occasion du 150e anniversaire du Canada À vos cloches, Canada!

juin 28, 2016

Ottawa – Le 31 mai 2016 – L’honorable Geoff Regan, Président de la Chambre des communes, est heureux d’annoncer que la Chambre des communes organisera un concours national de composition pour carillon afin de souligner, en 2017, le 150e anniversaire de la Confédération et le 90e anniversaire de la Tour de la Paix.

Les compositions peuvent être soumises dans l’une ou l’autre des deux catégories suivantes :

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Gabriel Quenneville-Bélair

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mai 18, 2016

PIVOT est un programme de mentorat pour les compositeurs canadiens en début de carrière offert par la Ligue canadienne des compositeurs (LCC) en partenariat avec le Centre de musique canadienne (CMC) et Continuum Contemporary Music. PIVOT offre une chance unique à six compositeurs vivant au Canada de travailler directement avec l’ensemble Continuum – et de faire jouer leur musique par l’ensemble – l’un des ensembles de chambre les plus novateurs et reconnus du Canada.