Jeudi, Mai 4, 2017
Titre de l'événement: Stimmung
  • Région: Prairies
  • Venue / Location: St. Stephen’s Anglican Church 1121 14 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0P3
  • Temps: 7:30pm
  • Prix: 18-25
  • Genre: Cinq à huit voix
  • Lien externe:
  • Compositeur : --
  • Composition: --
  • Profil de votre communauté: --

Pro Coro Canada: Stockhausen’s classic vocal work; presented by Neworks Calgary.

Stimmung, for six vocalists and six microphones, is a piece by Karlheinz Stockhausen, written in 1968 and commissioned by the City of Cologne for the Collegium Vocale Köln. Its average length is seventy-four minutes, and it bears the work number 24 in the composer’s catalog.

mjames12 picture
on February 15, 2014

Hey everyone!

I am currently working on Stockhausen's work for horn and Electronics Nebadon, from the 24 hours of the day. As of now there is a performance in Chicago of it, but things may continue to develop. It may interest people but you can follow my blog A World of Sounds as I undertake this project.

I hope to find a way to bring a performance of this monumental work back home to Canada.

As well as the blog there is a link to my soundcloud which features a recent performance of Hildegard Westerkamp's Fantasie for Horns II