Mardi, Mars 26, 2019
Titre de l'événement: Austin Civic Orchestra Premieres Sinfonia Concertante

The Austin Civic Orchestra is partnering again with the University of Texas at Austin for the 7th annual Texas Rising Stars concert at Bates Recital Hall. The winners of the Butler School of Music’s String Concerto Competition perform concerti accompanied by the orchestra. Richard Strauss’s Serenade in E flat and the U.S. premiere of Canadian composer Roydon Tse’s Sinfonia Concertante are also on the program.

Lundi, Octobre 1, 2018
Titre de l'événement: Key Encounters
  • Région: Ontario
  • Venue / Location: The Gladstone Hotel --- Melody Bar --- 1214 Queen St W, Toronto,ON M6J 1J6
  • Temps: 7:00pm
  • Prix: 0.00
  • Genre: Clavier
  • Lien externe: Key Encounters
  • Compositeur : --
  • Composition: --
  • Profil de votre communauté: --


A musical chameleon, the piano is classified as both a percussion and string instrument. Join us on October 1 at the Gladstone Hotel as we explore a diversity of techniques and approaches for 88 keys in Key Encounters, with guests master percussionist Russell Hartenberger and classical pianist Darren Creech.

Daryl Jamieson
Daryl Jamieson
Date de composition : 2016
Durée: 00:22:00
Genre: Works with Electronics / Multi-Media, Solo Works, Percussion


Instrumentation no. 1:
  • 1 x Percussion - autre
  • 1 x Bande
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Notes de programme :
Human beings have always conceived of basic elements, the building blocks of all things: the early ancient Greeks had four elements – earth, air, water, fire – and Buddhist cosmology had the same four but added a fifth – śūnyatā, the void. Over the millennia, our collective conception of the smallest possible indivisible element has shrunk; muons – elementary particles which naturally occur and indeed pass through our bodies, and everything else on earth, in inconceivably high numbers every moment – are among the current set. This piece is my first to use field recordings. As human civilisation becomes ever more damaging to the ecosystems of which it is a part, my music has become more and more about nature and the humankind's relationship with it. Most of the percussive instruments used in this piece are made with natural materials, and most of the sound sources are recordings of green spaces within cityscapes – including Winnipeg (Canada), Tongyeong (South Korea), London (UK), and Kyōto and Kamakura (Japan). They are places with resonant histories, places where important historico-political events occurred. They are also places where sounds of nature dominate, though not exclusively. Human-made sounds intermingle with the natural ones. At first the percussionist, imitating the insistent rhythms of a woodpecker using stones, sounds in the resonant silence which follows the crack of bamboo recorded in a Kamakura garden and which functions as the timekeeper for this piece. Gradually the live percussive sounds are joined by recordings which sound 'natural', of nature. But these soundscapes too are not without human-made sounds. But is to even make the distinction between 'natural' and 'human-made' to elevate ourselves too highly? Are we not animals, and is there anything we do which is not natural? If we are destroying nature, are we not just destroying ourselves?

Renseignements sur la création :
23 September 2016, Ōmi Gakudō, Tokyo, Japan
Shiniti Ueno, percussion


  • Cote:
  • MI 9130 J321muo
  • Genre:
  • Works with Electronics / Multi-Media, Solo Works, Percussion
  • Date d'acquisition :
  • April 26, 2017
  • Type:
  • Partition, inédite
  • Description physique :
  • Score
    20 pages
    Hauteur: 32 cm
    Largeur: 24 cm
    This piece includes a tape part
  • Renseignements supplémentaires :
  • There is an optional video part available for this piece, available from the composer.
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muons for percussion and fixed media: Partition
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muons for percussion and fixed media de Daryl Jamieson (Partition)
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Vendredi, Mai 26, 2017
Titre de l'événement: Land's End Ensemble 20th Anniversary Celebration with Dame Evelyn Glennie
  • Région: Prairies
  • Venue / Location: Bella Concert Hall, Mount Royal University (4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary)
  • Temps: 7:30pm
  • Prix: 0-60
  • Genre: Ensembles de chambre mixtes (1-9 interprètes)
  • Lien externe:

Guest Artist – Dame Evelyn Glennie

Jeudi, Février 19, 2015
Titre de l'événement: CD Launch: Points of Departure
  • Région: 7
  • Venue / Location: Canadian Music Centre National Performance Space
  • Temps: 5:30pm
  • Prix: Free
  • Genre: --
  • Lien externe: --

Join Centrediscs to celebrate the launch of its newest release, POINTS OF DEPARTURE, featuring percussionist Nicholas Papador.

Mardi, Septembre 23, 2014
Titre de l'événement: Ian David Rosenbaum Solo Recital


  • Région: --
  • Venue / Location: Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston, SC, USA
  • Temps: 8:00pm
  • Prix: --
  • Genre: Électronique / Multimédia
  • Lien externe: New Music Collective (Charleston, SC)
  • Compositeur : Tawnie Olson
  • Composition: --
  • Profil de votre communauté: --

The New Music Collective is proud to present virtuoso percussionist Ian Rosenbaum in a solo concert. The Concert program will consist of a variety of 21st-century electroacoustic works for percussion and is centered around recent Pulitzer Prize nominee Christopher Cerrone's 22-minute work "Memory Palace." Scored for found and homemade percussion instruments ranging from tuned beer bottles to 17 planks of wood and accompanied by field recordings made by the composer, "Memory Palace" is a beautiful exploration of the sonic possibilities of percussion.

Lundi, Avril 14, 2014
Titre de l'événement: 1000 Times This - Standing Wave
  • Région: Colombie-Britannique
  • Venue / Location: Pyatt Hall, 843 Seymour Street (VSO School of Music), Vancouver
  • Temps: 3:00ampm
  • Prix: 22/17
  • Genre: Ensembles de chambre mixtes (1-9 interprètes)
  • Lien externe: Standing Wave
  • Compositeur : --
  • Composition: --
  • Profil de votre communauté: --

Sunday April 13, 2014, 8pm
Pyatt Hall, 843 Seymour Street (VSO School of Music), Vancouver
$22.00 general / $17.00 students & seniors
Buy tickets online • • or at the door (cash only)
Box office opens at 7pm
For more info visit or call 604.683.8240

Christie Reside, flute • A-K Coope, clarinet • Rebecca Whitling, violin
Peggy Lee, cello • Allen Stiles, piano • Vern Griffiths, percussion

Is music rational? Is music intrinsically spiritual?

Vendredi, Mars 14, 2014
Titre de l'événement: Northern Connections: The Music of Finland & Canada
  • Région: Ontario
  • Venue / Location: Arraymusic, 155 Walnut Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 3W3 ‎
  • Temps: 8:09pm
  • Prix: Adult - 20, Student/Senior/Arts Worker - 15
  • Genre: --
  • Lien externe:
  • Compositeur : --
  • Composition: --
  • Profil de votre communauté: --

Paolo Griffin and New Music Toronto hosts 'Northern Connections: The Music of Finland & Canada', a concert that bridges the cultural gap between the two countries and introduces the works of three upcoming Finnish composers to Toronto audiences. The concert features the Canadian premiere of five works, as well as the world premiere of a new work by Paolo Griffin. Post-concert refreshments will include Finnish snacks such as karelian pie and salmiakki (salted licorice).


Strange Soft Gleam - Aiden Hartery
Surna - Parisa Sabet
Albatrossi - Roope Mäenpää

Samedi, Février 8, 2014
Titre de l'événement: Glistening Pianos CD Launch
  • Région: 7
  • Venue / Location: Canadian Music Centre National Event Space
  • Temps: 10:00pm
  • Prix: --
  • Genre: Ensembles de chambre mixtes (1-9 interprètes)
  • Lien externe: Glistening Pianos CD

Canadian Music Centre National Event Space
20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, ON

Saturday, February 8, 2014
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Performance begins at 5:30pm
Refreshments will be served

Centrediscs is proud to launch its first release of the 2014 year, GLISTENING PIANOS, which features music for two pianos written by Alice Ping Yee Ho. The disc is performed by Piano Duo 2X10; Midori Koga and Lydia Wong. Also featured on the disc are performers Susan Hoeppner, flute, and Adam Campbell (TorQ), percussion.

Mardi, Août 20, 2013
Titre de l'événement: Woman Runs With Wolves CD launch
  • Région: 7
  • Venue / Location: Canadian Music Centre National Performance Space, 20 St. Joseph St., Toronto
  • Temps: 9:30pm
  • Prix: --
  • Genre: Percussion
  • Lien externe: Beverley Johnston's Website

Come celebrate the launch of Beverley Johnston’s WOMAN RUNS WITH WOLVES at the Canadian Music Centre on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 at 5:30pm, hosted by Dean Burry. Beverley will be performing Arctic Dreams an In the Fire of Conflict, both by Christos Hatzis. Also performing will be JUNO-nominated flautist Susan Hoeppner. Many of the composers featured on this disc will be at the launch and speaking about their piece.

For more information about the disc or to purchase a copy, click here.

5:30pm > Refreshments will be served