Vendredi, Octobre 6, 2017
Titre de l'événement: Viscous Æther
  • Région: Colombie-Britannique
  • Venue / Location: Church of Truth – 111 Superior St., Victoria, BC
  • Temps: 8:00pm
  • Prix: 10
  • Genre: Bois
  • Lien externe: --
  • Compositeur : --
  • Composition: --
  • Profil de votre communauté: --

Viscous Æther
manipulations of air to make sound
New music by Nathan Friedman and Dave Riedstra performed by Trio Taco and guests

Friday 6 October 8pm
Church of Truth
111 Superior St James Bay
Admission $10

Vendredi, Septembre 25, 2015
Titre de l'événement: 88 Tuned Bongos: Solo for Four Hands | John Kameel Farah

Celebrating the great lineage of experimental piano works over the Western Front’s 40+ year history, 88 Tuned Bongos champions today’s most cutting-edge pianists and keyboard projects. This Fall, Western Front New Music welcomes three musician/composer residencies working with the newly refurbished Disklavier piano, three concerts and a workshop. The series continues in Winter 2016. More info:


Samedi, Février 21, 2015
Titre de l'événement: Double Premiere of Canadian Works - Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Région: Colombie-Britannique
  • Venue / Location: Shaughnessy Heights United Church (33rd @ Granville), Vancouver, BC
  • Temps: 8:00pm
  • Prix: 15 adult, 10 senior (suggested donation)
  • Genre: Orchestre / Grands ensembles (10+)
  • Lien externe: VPO Feb 21 2015 Concert

Our first concert of 2015 promises to be a night of exhilarating new music enjoyed alongside familiar favourites!

HABIBI - The Promised Hand
We are exceptionally proud to open with a piece written exclusively for the VPO by Iman Habibi, the VPO's inaugural Composer-in-Residence. Audience members will be the first to hear his beautiful piece performed at this, its world premiere! Iman is a Iranian-Canadian composer and a graduate of UBC.

NICKEL - Concerto for Oboe

TawnieO picture
by TawnieO
on August 21, 2012

Spent the day yesterday listening to and taking notes from a recording I made a few weeks ago with Ros Morley, a fellow Canadian and a member of Parthenia, a consort of viols based in New York City for whom I'm writing my next composition. Our meeting was an afternoon of pure delight; Ros and another gamba player, Terry Hare (who is commissioning the piece) performed music by Thomas Morley and we explored extended techniques on the instruments (including striking the tailpiece of a G violone with a soft mallet. Best. Sound. Ever.).