Vendredi, Août 17, 2018
Titre de l'événement: Lineage: Deborah Grimmett Piano Recital in Manchester, UK
  • Région: --
  • Venue / Location: International Anthony Burgess Foundation (The Engine House), Manchester, England
  • Temps: 8:00pm
  • Prix: 10 Pounds Online, £12 at the door
  • Genre: Clavier
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  • Compositeur : Iman Habibi
  • Composition: --
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New York City based Canadian-British pianist, Deborah Grimmett, is performing multiple solo piano recitals across Canada and the United Kingdom.

On Friday, August 17, 2018, she will be presenting her UK debut performance, a full solo piano recital at The Engine House at The International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester, UK.

Vendredi, Novembre 7, 2014 (Toute la journée)
Titre de l'événement: “Notes on Shakespeare.” - Fung-Chiu Duo


  • Compositeur : Emily Doolittle
  • Composition: --
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Janelle Fung and Philip Chiu are a young, modern musical team. This sensational 4 hand, 1 piano duo play from the standard classical repertoire and also create original transcriptions of works that tickle The Duo’s fancy and electrify their impassioned audiences. Articulate and stylish, Janelle and Philip enjoy speaking to audiences, sharing their thoughts and enthusiasm. The Fung-Chiu Duo was formed in 2007 and have been performing across Canada.

Barbara Pritchard picture
on September 9, 2014

I'm really enjoying working on this program. Keith Hamel's "Touch" involves gesture tracking, Jackson Fairfax-Perry's "Wacka-Wacka" involves a bass wah pedal, Bob Bauer's "Hot Toccatas" have a nice, spicy Latin feel and Howard Bashaw's "Toccatella" has a zillion notes. I'm rounding the program off with John Cage's 4'33", some Couperin preludes and of course, Barbara Pentland's classic "Toccata". It should be a great show.

Sunday, 14 September, 730 p.m.
Dal Arts Centre, Halifax