Recording of Incantation by Rodney Sharman

Description:Incantation (2007) - Rodney Sharman

for Kathleen McLean

bassoon, string quartet and harp

Incantation (2007) expresses the soulful nature of the bassoon using frequent glisses and large tonal leaps. In the composer's words: "The piece consists of chants and refrains, almost every note in the quartet and harp part is doubled at the twelfth, an overtone of the harmonic series. The bassoonist is sometimes asked to create a tone rich in harmonics, imitating the sound of Buddhist Tibetan Chant, creating a rich, enveloping sound, enhanced by the quartet and harp parts." Incantation was commissioned by bassoonist Kathleen McLean, to whom it is dedicated. First performance of the piece was given April 11, 2008 by Ms McLean, Erica Goodman and the Accordes String Quartet at Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto, Ontario.

Credits:Rodney Sharman, Kathleen McLean
Subject:Rodney Sharman | Incantation
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Created Date07 Mar 2014