Dorothy Chang: From a Dream performed by the Orchid Ensemble

Description:This pieces was part of the project Gold Mountain Dream【金山夢】, co-presented by the Orchid Ensemble, Flicker Arts Collaboratory and the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre Vancouver in 2011.
Producer - Lan Tung
Media Composition & Performance -- Flicker Arts Collaboratory: Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby
Musicians -- Orchid Ensemble: Lan Tung, Yu-Chen Wang and Jonathan Bernard
Composer -- Dorothy Chang (2010), commissioned by the Canada Council for the Arts
Animators -- UBC Creative Studies: Rankine Suen, Olver Szeleczky, Nadine Bradshaw and Michelle Wilmot

About the visuals:
Incorporating Asian traditions with contemporary expression, the visuals are abstract images drawing materials from Chinese calligraphy, brush painting, Chinese dance, Chinese opera, and videos and photos from museum collections. We are inspired by traditional Chinese scroll paintings that use mountains and rivers as subject matter. Working with a group of UBC Creative Studies students, we have translated the brush paintings into three-dimensional landscapes that could be reanimated in time and space.
About the music:
From a Dream 《夢境》 Dorothy Chang (2010): erhu, zheng, percussion

Inspired by various images of the breathtaking beauty of China's Huangshan ("Yellow Mountain"), From a Dream was composed to reflect the poetic qualities of this spectacular sight: stillness, strength, delicacy, eternalness. The work contains five main sections, each one loosely representing specific imagery of the mountain, from the dream-like drifting layers of mist and clouds, to its sparkling waterfalls, craggy peaks and ancient pine trees. The opening is quiet, minimal and static, then gradually gathers momentum as the music moves between free and improvisatory expression, and more rhythmically driving sections. From a Dream was commissioned by the Orchid Ensemble, with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.

This project is a continuation of a 2007 production Triaspora. We would like to thank Chengxin Wei and Jessica Jone of Moving Dragon for allowing us to use the beautiful images of their movements, which we filmed in 2009 at the Dance Centre.
Credits:Dorothy Chang, Orchid Ensemble, Flicker Arts Collaboratory
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Created Date2011