New Music - Looking for an opportunity

November 14, 2014

Good day everyone

I’m quite grateful to be among all of you today and mostly because you are all so talented in the art of music. I’d like to introduce myself as a composer but it would be more appropriate to say that I’m more of a leisure classical music composer minus your degree of education in the field.

Nevertheless, composing classical music has been a passion for me for the last 20 plus years and of course, music being composed on leisure time means I don’t really spend as much time as I would like to but that’s just life being life. I always identified this passion as being a gift, and not having the tools in order to make this music grow identifies the reason for me being here today.

Below you’ll find a link to a webpage where a few of my compositions can be heard. Once you’ve listened to a few compositions you’ll most probably understand why I find it important to have this music realized by live musicians. Unfortunately, my profession and all the education I’ve acquired during my lifetime will not be useful in order to accomplish my endeavor in music so I need your help.

Needless to say that I, as a leisure composer, dream to hear this music played with real instruments opposed to the synthetic version. That’s why I would love the opportunity to commence a little project with anyone interested in my music. Your comments on the music would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the music.
Patrick Kimmell