Tramvay Lider

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Tsu Dem Motorman (938.71 kb)
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Der Pontsh-Zeyger (941.16 kb)
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SKU: CD- CD 2922
Call Number: CD 1674
Ensemble/Performer: Charles Heller
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2015
Record Label: Independent

Charles Heller performs his song cycle Tramvay Lider, a musical setting of Yiddish poems written by acclaimed Yiddish poet Shimen Nepom who worked as a College St. streetcar conductor until his death in 1939 . The poems tell of life on the streetcar, and this performance is a lovely example of Toronto culture echoing through the decades. With pianist Brahm Goldhamer.


Charles Heller, baritone and accordion
Brahm Goldhamer, piano
Rachel Pomedli, cello

Music by Charles Heller
Yiddish poems by Shimen Nepom

Track Listing:

1. Tsu Dem Motorman (1:40)
2. Der Pontsh-Zeyger (1:43)
3. Tramvay Reklames (1:00)
4. Durkh Di Gasn (2:02)
5. Ikh Bin Tsvey (2:38)
6. Fargesene Veltn (2:18)
7. In Gepaktn Tramvay (3:20)
8. Az Mayn Mame (2:42)
9. Der Konduktor (2:16)

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