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Jason Noble: Biography

Jason Noble
1980 -
Region: Québec

Jason Noble

Composer Jason Noble has been described as “a master at translating feeling and imparting emotion through music.” Also a singer and pianist, Jason has written for a wide variety of vocal, instrumental, and electroacoustic media. His music draws on research in perception, cognition, and semiotics, with emphases on auditory fusion (“sound mass”), musical expression of time scales and structures (“semiotic time”), and liminal zones between speech and music.

Jason has composed for many of Canada’s finest ensembles and performers, including Pro Coro Canada (Edmonton), Esprit Orchestra (Toronto), Christ Church Cathedral Choir (Montreal), Steve Cowan (guitar), James Hurley (piano), and Rebecca Woodmass (soprano). His pieces have been featured on several recordings, CBC national television and radio, and in performances across Canada, in USA, Europe, and South America. Currently composer-in-residence for Opera2Go, the Bathurst Chamber Music Festival, and the McGill Wind Symphony, he has also held residencies with the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, the Edge Island Festival for Choirs and Composers, and the Newfoundland and Labrador Registered Music Teachers Association.

Jason is an accomplished scholar and winner of the prestigious Vanier Scholarship. His article “Auditory Scene Analysis and the Perception of Sound Mass in Ligeti's Continuum” is forthcoming in the journal Music Perception, and he has spoken at several international conferences and guest lectures. He is cofounder and organizer of the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab. Also a dedicated teacher, he has published a book of student piano music (Sunny Skies and Dragonflies) and a children’s audio book (The Stupendous Adventure of Gregory Green).