Flight 182 Meditations

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Exhibit: June 23, 1985-detonation (938.00 kb)
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from the archive, the weight (1) (941.67 kb)
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SKU: CD-ES15001
Call Number: CD 1684
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2015
Record Label: earsay productions

In this work you will hear evocations of loss and longing situated within the archive that is Canada/Air India, a nexus of historical and social trauma: the bombing of an airplane on June 23, 1985 in which all 329 passengers and crew were killed, including 82 children under the age of thirteen. Saklikar’s aunt and uncle were among the dead. The work continues Saklikar’s exploration into the nature of individual loss found in the midst of collective suffering, the continued disappearance/appearance of the past. Air India Flight 182 never happened, is always happening…

Renée Sarojini Saklikar, voice
John Oliver, computer processing

Track Listing:

The Archives

1. Exhibit: June 23, 1985-detonation 01:30
2. from the archive, the weight (1) 03:10
3. and her redactions 00:55
4. Exhibit: When I dance a morning raga 01:52
5. Exhibit: His brother excels 01:28
6. Exhibit: Bombay Girl 01:54

Trope 1 - Mourning

7. Exhibit No. 1: She boards the plane 07:39
8. Exhibit No 2: He runs down a hallway 01:06

Time's Wheel

9. un/authorized invocation 03:36
10. Exhibit: the censor that is time inserts this sutra 02:46
11. C-A-N-A-D-A: in the after-time, always, there is also the before 04:35
12. Exhibit: where visitations occur 02:29
13. Evening: N's raga 02:56
14. from the archive, the weight (2) 04:38

Trope 2 - Speak

15. Elegy I 06:21
16. Elegy II 04:31
17. Elegy III 05:42

18. Ghost Sutra 01:55

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