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In review: Squeezebox

In review: Squeezebox

February 12, 2016

"Trinity-St. Paul's never looks better than when it has a full house, and that's what Soundstreams had Wednesday night in Toronto.

In an eclectic program that only an accomplished company like Soundstreams can pull off, we were treated to Squeezebox, a program of instruments from the accordion family, which is a thing, and includes one played with your mouth (think harmonica meets tiny bagpipes and has a threesome with an accordion.)

The night opened with a piece by R. Murray Schafer called La Testa d'Ariadne (The Head of Ariadne). A great theatre piece with one of our faves, Carla Huhtanen as the disembodied head of the Princess Ariadne. Accordionist Joseph Macerollo plays the role of a narrator/minstrel who beckons the head awake and together they launch into an eerie duets filled with lots of long tones and various vocalizations from Huhtanen and masterful clusters from Macerollo. Standard Schafer fare, the piece uses a wonderful demonstration of the beautiful yet unorthodox sonorities from these two instruments..."


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