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Class Axe 2016: Call for Proposals

Class Axe 2016: Call for Proposals

April 16, 2016

The Guitar Society of Toronto is working with the Canadian Music Centre to create new compositions for solo classical guitar. We are currently accepting proposals for the third edition of the guitar composition workshop. This year’s workshop includes collaborations with guitarists and organizations in Vancouver and Montreal. The workshop is open to any Canadian composer, although the priority is to involve composers with limited experience writing for guitar. Interested composers can submit a proposal for consideration by May 22, 2016.

Workshop overview: The Class Axe composition workshop will connect six (6) Canadian composers with a group of advanced musicians and a composer mentor to develop a short piece (5-8 minutes) for classical guitar. The workshop will be structured over 5 months (August to December 2016) to allow time for consultations, reflection, and refinement.

Composers will acquire insight into writing for guitar and receive a performance of their pieces. Each piece will be performed in three cities across Canada: Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. The premiere will take place in Toronto, and will be livestreamed. Composers will also receive audio recordings of the premiere. This is a voluntary workshop.

  • Eligibility: Any Canadian composer can apply. Workshops will be conducted in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Composers will be able to join the workshops in-person, and we will coordinate video conferencing during workshops—details will be determined once participants are finalized. No prior experience in composing for guitar is required.
  • Workshops: There will be four workshops over the course of late summer and fall 2016 that will provide focused time for composers to work with guitarists: Rob MacDonald, Adam Batstone, Graham Banfield (Toronto), Adrian Verdejo (Vancouver), and Steve Cowan (Montreal). Additional guests will provide mentorship to the composers. Please note that workshops and coordination will be conducted primarily in English.
  • Composer Mentor: As well as collaborating with guitarists, all Class Axe composers will get a short lesson with mentor composer Linda C. Smith (Toronto).
  • Salon Concert: The pieces developed through this workshop will be premiered during a free salon concert on December 15, 2016 at the CMC (Toronto). Pieces will be performed at salon concerts in Vancouver (CMC BC) and Montreal (McGill University) in the months following the Toronto concert.

General Schedule:

  • Submission deadline: May 22, 2016
  • Participating composers are confirmed: June 2016
  • Dates of workshops are confirmed: July 2016
  • First Workshop: late August 2016
  • Second Workshop: late September 2016
  • Third Workshop: late October 2016
  • Submission of complete piece: early November (followed by individual rehearsals)
  • Class Axe Premieres Concert: Thursday, December 15, 2016

Selection process: Participants will be determined through a competitive jury based process. The jury will consist of representatives from the participating guitarists, and the CMC. The decision of the jury is final and jury comments are not released. There is no procedure for appealing the jury's decision. The jury will seek to have representative involvement of composers, with the primary criteria to support trained composers with limited experience working with guitar. Proposed pieces must be for solo classical guitar, and can include electroacoustic accompaniment (limited to stereo diffusion).

Proposal Requirements: composers must include the following:

  • Written proposal outlining ideas you hope to explore through the proposed work, and a statement about your interest in the project (PDF document);
  • resumé or CV (PDF document); and
  • Samples of past work - three musical scores (PDF document), plus accompanying recordings of these works (mp3, WAV Format, or clearly marked url’s embedded in a PDF document).

Proposals must be submitted electronically via email or file transfer to: ontario@musiccentre.ca

Please note…

  • Composers must guarantee that if selected they will be available to participate in each workshop. Workshops will be scheduled in coordination with successful applicants after jury results are released
  • Selected composers will deliver a legible copy of the piece (printed and/or PDF) in advance of each workshop.
  • Selected composers will liaise with Rob MacDonald and/or designated guitarists between workshops to ensure progress is being made in regard to their piece

    Questions & Clarifications:
    If you have any questions regarding Class Axe contact Rob MacDonald (robcammac@gmail.com) or CMC Ontario Director, Matthew Fava (ontario@musiccentre.ca, 416-961-6601 ext. 207).

    About the Guitar Society of Toronto:http://www.guitarsocietyoftoronto.com/

    About the Canadian Music Centre: The Canadian Music Centre is a catalyst that connects you to the ever-evolving world of Canadian musical creation through performance, education, and promotion. The CMC provides unique resources for exploring, discovering, and performing Canadian music. We are passionate about nurturing a musical community that honours our legacy and supports the professional development of Canadian musicians and composers. The Canadian Music Centre inspires fresh perspectives, celebrates inventive composers, and provides transformative experiences. We champion artistic diversity and embrace Canada’s rich cultural heritage in creative centres across the country and internationally. Connect with the Canadian Music Centre at musiccentre.ca, on Facebook (Canadian Music Centre) and on Twitter (@cmcnational).

    This project is made possible through the support and collaborative energies of:
    The BC, Ontario and Quebec Regional offices of the Canadian Music Centre
    The Guitar Societies of Toronto, and Montreal

    Class Axe is generously sponsored by the Schulich School of Music at McGill University, and the Vancouver Community College School of Music

    Click here for a printable version of the call for proposals.

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