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Canadian Music Centre Acquires Berandol Catalogue

Canadian Music Centre Acquires Berandol Catalogue

May 4, 2016

MAY 4, 2016, TORONTO, ON – The Canadian Music Centre is pleased to announce it has assumed responsibility for Berandol Music Ltd. Berandol's collection contains nearly 1,000 works; all by Canadian composers. Glenn Hodgins, President and CEO of the Canadian Music Centre, is very proud to welcome this addition to the CMC’s already vast catalogue of over 24,000 works. “We’re delighted to be able to take over the stewardship of this collection and ensure these works remain available. I would also like to acknowledge the hard work of the previous owners and their dedication to preserving the legacy of Canadian music.” Berandol contains a robust educational program, rental music for orchestras, and concert music available for sale.

In 1972, Ralph Cruickshank purchased Berandol Music with his sister Mary Plumley during his time at BMI Canada. Cruickshank was a record producer, composer and president of Berandol throughout the remainder of his career. Berandol continued to grow BMI Canada’s publishing program until it had the largest catalogue of published Canadian music in existence. Cruickshank did his first recording, Threnody, with R. Murray Schafer when no one else would, as he believed in Schafer’s potential to be one of Canada’s greatest composers.

In the 1980’s Cruickshank commissioned a vibrant Canadian school music program with Elaine Mason and Marilyn Hardie called Music Builders and a French language program called Musique S’il Vous Plait. These programs changed the way music could be taught to students across Canada. Part of the Berandol catalogue, both are used extensively today by elementary teachers across Canada, and feature Canadian composers and artists.

Ralph Cruickshank was a strong supporter of the Canadian music industry, and believed it was imperative to record Canadian artists. “Canada First” was Berandol’s policy and he wanted to foster pride in Canadians that they “have a vital culture blossoming within their own borders.” He believed Canada had an active role to play in contributing to the growth of western music.

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