Memories for Harp and Marimba by Roydon Tse (2014)

Description:Sanya Eng (Harp) and Ryan Scott (Marimba) perform my work Memories, written for the Canadian Contemporary Music Workshop 2014 and premiered by the duo at the University of Toronto, Walter Hall, 26th of Sept 2014.

The piece is my first for this instrumental combination, and there are different layers to the piece. On the surface, this duet is an exploration of minimalism and convergence. Throughout the work, I created a musical arc using the simplest material, a repeating sextuplet figure beginning in the harp. As the piece evolves organically, lines fade into each other creating a panning effect on stage. On the second level, “Memories” is a conceptual representation of my stream of consciousness and how memories can often surface in my mind and disappear as if it had never been there. To portray this phenomenon, I introduce a melodic fragment halfway through the piece that weaves in an out of a one note ostinato. The fragment is developed within this framework, and is always accompanied by the ostinato creating a line through the piece.
Credits:Roydon Tse, Sanya Eng, Ryan Scott
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Created Date05 Jul 2016