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Afiara String Quartet pushes musical boundaries

Afiara String Quartet pushes musical boundaries

July 21, 2016

"Talk about a remix.

The innovative Afiara String Quartet has teamed up with four different Canadian composers who have produced a dozen new compositions.

That would be ambitious enough, but then that music was handed it to DJ Skratch Bastid, who took the music out for a spin.

You’d think the project would stop there. But no — the composers took his work and spun it one more time, scoring it this time for a string quartet and DJ.

The result is a performance called Spin Cycle and it will definitely push some musical boundaries at this year’s Chamberfest. But that’s really nothing new for the Afiara Quartet, who last year paired with Montreal DJ Kid Koala on the film/musical presentation called Nufonia Must Fall, based on Koala’s graphic novel about a robot who loved a young lady..."


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