Maya Badian: Composing A Life, Composing My Music

Description:"MAYA BADIAN: COMPOSING A LIFE, COMPOSING MY MUSIC" is a 30-minute documentary that portrays the internationally acclaimed composer Maya Badian's musical journey since her earliest recollections, when she was 3 and started to be aware that she was possessed by an inner music that was hers; if this meant "composing", it turned out to lead towards and to become her career as a professional concert music composer!

The movie was released on YouTube on September 13, 2016, in Ottawa, Canada's capital, the city where now Dr. Maya Badian lives and composes.

As background, an interview she did with Jill Laforty of CBC Radio2, along with some sections of Badian's original own orchestral compositions are used.
Credits:Maya Badian
Subject:Maya Badian
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Created Date13 Sep 2016