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Chris Sivak: Biography

Chris Sivak
1982 -
Region: British Columbia

Chris Sivak

Chris Sivak (b. June 14th, 1982) is a talented multi–instrumentalist and composer residing in Vancouver, BC. His output covers a wide variety of ground ranging from the soberly serious to the seriously absurd; all lush and lasciviousness, hunting for the perfect musical moment, to manic chamber opera featuring casts of characters out to tickle your funny bone.

Chris studied music at UBC with Stephen Chatman and Dorothy Chang. He subsequently moved on to become the composer in residence with the Laudate Singers Of North Vancouver from 2014 to 2016 and is an Associate Composer with the Canadian Music Centre.

Chris has been commissioned to write music for The Laudate Singers, The Vancouver Chamber Choir, Red Shift Music Society, The Vancouver Peace Choir, The Amicus Duo, The Nu:BC Collective, and OperaFeHk.

Chris is also a freelance writer whose words are often found in the pages of Vancouver’s local papers and maintains a blog on his website (see link at right) where he dissects music in his own quirky way. Chris also loves to cycle, dance, and wear silly socks.