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A Nod To Toronto's Women Of Music

A Nod To Toronto's Women Of Music

March 8, 2017

"One facet of the classical musical scene Torontonians can be most proud of is Toronto’s wave of indie opera companies. And some of the best news on this Women’s Day? Many of the leaders of these groups are female. From Essential Opera’s co-artistic directors Erin Bardua & Maureen Batt, to Fawn Chamber Creative’s artistic director Amanda Smith, to Liederwolfe’s co-directors Francesca Perez and Lindsay Michael, to Loose Tea Music Theatre’s artistic director Alaina Viau, to MYOpera’s artistic director and general director Kate Applin and Stephanie Applin respectively, to Opera Five’s artistic director and general director Aria Umezawa and Rachel Krehm respectively, to Renaissance Opera’s Debi Wong and Arianne Abela, to Bicycle Opera’s artistic director Larissa Koniuk, to Urban Vessel’s co-artistic directors Juliet Palmer and Christie Pearson… The number of female opera administrators in Toronto’s indie scene would inspire any young opera-loving female entrepreneur..."


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