Hello CMC community

March 22, 2017

Now the dust of my PhD has settled (I'm a Dr. now they tell me), I have time to participate in the world outside. I have meant to make contact with the CMC for a long time. I have a number of ideas for libretti at present and am always keen to collaborate. While my subject has been war, I have a body of work on the pastoral, historic etc.
As one who is known as a war poet, and a scholar of war narratives, I'm fatigued with solely that of the combat-oriented narrative. I would like to write a major piece based on a woman who ran away from her children, her family, and set up a hospital at the Front lines. Filled with dramatic potential, though the story originates in the Great War, I could see it transposed into another era.
I have another story about the 17th great water travellers of our continent, but that is still in development.
Feel free to contact me for small collaborations composers. After the dissertation I am finally FREE!!!