Maya Badian's Music Orchestral Mirrors of Life

Description:MAYA BADIAN'S MUSIC - Orchestral Mirrors of Life is a 6-minute documentary about Dr. Maya Badian, who is a worldwide acclaimed prolific Romanian-born Canadian composer. The background music is Maya Badian’s Concerto for marimba, vibraphone and orchestra, dedicated to her son Mircea (1967-1989), who was a brilliant percussionist. The trailer was produced by filmmaker Adelina Suvagau (Sonia Productions Inc., Vancouver, Canada, 2012.)

Maya Badian has now more than 120 published compositions including symphony, orchestral music, concertos, cantatas, chamber music, music for instrumental theater and for multimedia, successfully performed worldwide, as well as musicology and pedagogy works in the collections of Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa; Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.; national libraries of Australia and New Zealand, and other prestigious libraries worldwide.” - Canadian Music Centre.

As a sign of outstanding recognition of Maya Badian’s rank in the Canadian music pantheon, LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA has requested and preserves Dr. Maya Badian's entire output of manuscripts, archival documents and recordings officially titled The MAYA BADIAN ARCHIVAL FONDS MUS 228, since 1993.

Dr. Maya Badian is acknowledged as the only Romanian-born Canadian composer to have her life and accomplishments reflected in a biographical book: "THE LIFE AND THE MUSIC OF MAYA BADIAN, A PRIVILEGE TO SOAR" by Fred Popovici (338 pages, published by Pro ARS Publications, Ottawa, 2010).

"GLIMPSES INTO MY COMPOSITIONAL STYLE AND TECHNIQUES" by Maya Badian (236 pages, published by Pro ARS Publications, Ottawa, 2014) is acknowledged as a Canadian book-premiere as well, as no other Canadian composer has written a book outlining his or her compositional style and techniques.

“For Maya Badian, inspiration stems from all dimensions of visual images. Whether it be the haunting gaze of a Holocaust survivor’s face, paintings of Canada’s vast and wild landscape or the familiar face of her talented and musical son, musical inspiration showers Maya everywhere. (Adelina Suvagau)

“Maya Badian is an important composer. If it does not use some of the extreme devices discovered by earlier 20th century composers, Badian’s music does reflect the accumulated wisdom of a century of experiment and invention.” (One of our own, The Ottawa Citizen, March 18, 1997)

"Badian is a leading internationally acclaimed composer" (Winnipeg Sun, February 1999).

Dr. Maya Badian-Munteanu and husband Lucian Badian-Munteanu, M.Engr., who is a Senior Business Manager with the Federal Government of Canada and the founder of Lucian Badian Editions, reside in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
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